Bottled water industry faces growing opposition

Last week’s decision in York County may be part of a national backlash.
By KEVIN WACK, Staff Writer, June 30, 2008

Last week’s decision by a York County water board to delay a vote on whether to sell municipal water to Nestle Corp., the owner of Poland Spring, did not happen in a vacuum.

  • Last month in McCloud, Calif., after encountering opposition to what would have been the largest water bottling plant in the country, Nestle announced plans to significantly reduce the plant’s size.
  • Earlier this month in Enumclaw, Wash., the city council rejected a proposal to allow Nestle to build another such plant.
  • And last Monday, the U.S. Conference of Mayors voted to phase out use of bottled water for municipal employees.

Across the country, opposition to bottled water is building, amid growing concerns about the industry’s
environmental impact and rising fears about private control of public water supplies.

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