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“The War For Maine Water Has Just Begun”

California Attorney General Will Sue Nestle Over Proposed Bottling Plant if Global Warming Impacts Not Considered

Nestle water plant? Not in our town, Enumclaw says.

Seattle Times – July 24, 2008, last modified

Faced with the prospect of a new water-bottling plant and the tapping of a mountain spring, the citizens of Enumclaw fought back.

By Cara Solomon, Times South King County Reporter

Last spring, in the small town of Enumclaw, a company came calling. What it wanted was water. […]

Bottled-water industry shouldn’t be called ‘clean’ (letter to Portland Press Herald)


Maude Barlow on Water Privatization

Maude Barlow speaking at York County Community College, 7/20/08

Poland Spring water deal tabled

By Steve Bodnar, July 18, 2008


Poland Spring permit upheld by Supreme Court

By Donna M. Perry , Staff Writer, Sun Journal Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The War Over Water

Written by Matt Kanner, The Wire , 10 July 2008

Grassroots groups battle corporate water bottlers in New Hampshire and Maine

The battle to protect regional groundwater from corporate pumping took a curious turn recently when USA Springs filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Folks at Save Our Groundwater were cautiously optimistic about the development, but […]

Photos of Walker Wildlife Mgmt. Area in Shapleigh

Mid-Summer Walk ’08 Fall Tour ’08 Bore Wells

Nestle water plant? Not in our town!

By Cara Solomon, Seattle Times

Water from an underground spring near Enumclaw is what Nestlé Waters North America wanted to bottle.

Last spring, in the small town of Enumclaw, a company came calling. What it wanted was water. One hundred million gallons a year, to be precise.

It would pay nicely for the privilege. It […]