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Hardly a good neighbor (letter to Sun Journal)

Sun Journal
Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sept. 23 editorial about Nestle’s Poland Spring Maine operations was completely correct in its assessment that Nestle is not a perfect company. Unfortunately, the editorial misjudged the severity of Nestle’s errors, brushing aside the company’s imperfections to favor a few token jobs and economic “development” that only furthers an economic trend of sending millions of dollars out of state at the expense of Maine’s natural and human communities.

I grew up in Michigan and watched Nestle walk over Mecosta County to get access to that area’s precious water resources. The rural community feels powerless.

Perhaps in this day, when billions of tax dollars are being proposed to bail out a potential economic collapse caused by multinational banks’ reckless behavior, Mainers feel it is necessary to criticize multinationals’ management and economic practices. That should hardly be considered rhetoric, but an honest assessment of how these institutions impact the communities where they operate.

All over the world, Nestle values profit over the people or the environment where they work. Fryeburg’s story exemplifies this reality, where the town has repeatedly denied permission to build a new loading dock for three years. Nestle continues to sue the town and its people’s decisions.

This is hardly how a good neighbor acts, not here in Maine.

Emily Posner, Montville

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