Nestle: Remove your test wells from Wildlife Management Area (letter)

Shapleigh citizens have spoken once again by banning large scale water extraction for resale outside of Shapleigh. By our vote on Saturday, February 28, 2009, we also rejected the Board of Selectmen’s support of Nestle Waters/Poland Springs over that of it’s citizens.

Residents have consistently made it clear that they want their Constitutional Rights to take precedence over a Swiss conglomerate (Nestle/Poland Springs). We believe Nestle/Poland Springs is completely and exclusively responsible for causing this year-long distress to our town’s residents. By its behavior Nestle has shown us, in Shapleigh, what other small towns in the U. S. already know (e.g. Fryeberg) about this foreign corporation whose values are not those of Maine people. They use our regulations, or lack of, for their financial gain. Town officials have shown that they do not understand they are suppose to represent the people who elected them to public office.
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Federation of Canadian Municipalities Votes to Kick out Bottled Water

Resounding Victory for Public Water

Bottled water’s time is up and the tap is back!

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), representing more than 1700 municipal members from across the country, passed a resolution encouraging municipalities to phase out bottled water on municipal property.  Municipalities across the country are expected to shortly take action on bottled water.

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