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Down East Magazine’s “Hot Tip”: Use the Tap

Down East Magazine, April 2009

One way to start going green is by putting down that little plastic bottle with the green label. At least that’s what the city of Portland is telling its businesses and residents. Last year the Portland City Council passed a “Take Back the Tap” resolution vowing to fund public water systems and discourage the consumption of bottled water.

Take Back the Tap (takebackthetap.org) is a national initiative gaining ground in cities, restaurants, and households across America. A host of Portland restaurants and bars have already made the pledge, which is available online for both individuals and restaurants. The movement is particularly symbolic in Maine, a state that bottles one million gallons of its water a day under the label of Poland Spring, according to Food & Water Watch, the national consumer advocacy organization behind Take Back the Tap.

Even if you’re not going green in the eco sense, we’ll bet saving a little green in the wallet is high on your list for 2009: tap water costs taxpayers about $.002 per gallon while bottled water can run you as much as ten dollars a gallon for “premium” brands.

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