Defending Water for Life in the US (KGNU radio)

Emily Posner in Maine

“A Public Affair” for Aug. 24, 2009:  Interview with Lee Hart, Emily Wurth of Food & Water Watch, and Emily Posner of Defending Water for Life in Maine (25 min., KGNU Colorado Community Radio).

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More information about Nestle/Arrowhead in Chaffee County (CO).

Influential Common Ground Fair (ME) bans bottled water sales

By David Carkhuff, Portland Daily Sun

“Our focus is really on eliminating the waste of all of the plastic water bottles,” explained Jim Ahearne, director of the Common Ground Country Fair, about the decision to ban bottled-water sales.

The fair is not just another event. Organized by the state’s largest organics group and heavily identified with mainstream outlets — it’s heavily promoted at Whole Foods, for example — the fair drew nearly 60,000 people last year. This year, it will take place in Unity Sept. 25-27.

It has been strict about vendors, looking not just at finished products but at production systems and trade policies. For example, for more than three decades coffee vendor were banned (see related sidebar) and are being allowed this year.

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Bottled Water Boom Appears Tapped Out

By Ylan Q. Mui, Washington Post, Aug. 13, 2009

Sales of bottled water have fallen for the first time in at least five years, assailed by wrathful environmentalists and budget-conscious consumers, who have discovered that tap water is practically free.


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Flagstaff (AZ) mayor says no to Nestle water-bottling deal

The city of Flagstaff will not be selling millions of gallons of spring water from the San Francisco Peaks to a bottled-water subsidiary of the Nestle Co.


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Developing water regulations in Wells, ME

By Steve Bodnar, SeacoastOnline, Aug. 6, 2009

WELLS — Two ordinances written to define who has rights to water — and how much of it — have been at the center of debate in town for months.

However, after one was rejected by voters in May, town officials now only are mulling the other plan: “An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 145 (Land Use) of the Code of the Town of Wells to Regulate the Large Scale Pumping or Extraction of Groundwater, Spring Water, and/or Water From Aquifers Within the Town of Wells.”

Large-Scale Water Extraction
, by Leah Rachin, attorney with Bergen & Parkinson

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Maine Communities Fight Nestle Over Water, and Win! (audio)

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