Nestlé can legally set up bottling plant, city attorney says

By Kathleen Haley, Sacramento Press, October 27, 2009

Nestlé has a green light in Sacramento, according to the city attorney’s office.

The Nestlé company’s work to set up a water bottling plant in Sacramento is allowed under the city’s existing laws, City Attorney Eileen Teichert’s office said Tuesday.

It was clear at Tuesday’s City Council meeting that the City Council and city staff are on-board with the Nestlé company’s plans to bottle and sell tens of millions of gallons of Sacramento’s water.

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Discussion grows over Nestle water bottling plant (CA)

By Suzanne Hurt, The Sacramento Press, October 25, 2009

Discussion over a Nestlé water-bottling plant appears to be growing in Sacramento, as the Swiss multinational prepares a facility for operation and new hires begin work.

The Sacramento City Council, which was not involved in the decision to approve the plant, will discuss the issue publicly for the first time after a request two weeks ago by council members Kevin McCarty and Lauren Hammond. They asked the council to consider an emergency ordinance requiring a special permit before Nestlé Waters North America begins bottling city tap water and spring water at a plant in South Sacramento.

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Water debate rages (Wells, ME)

By Steve Bodnar, Seacoast Online,  October 22, 2009

Allegations about scare tactics and blurred facts were rife during a crowded Oct. 20 Board of Selectmen public hearing on an ordinance proposal that would regulate how a company such as Poland Spring could use water in town.

Proponents of the ordinance alleged activists have spread hype about the ramifications of large-scale water extraction, while the opposition argued that ordinance supporters have mislead the public on the ordinance in general.

I’m mad as hell,” said Jamilla El-Shafei, a water-rights activist from Kennebunk, who alleged that phone calls were made Oct. 20 to Wells residents telling them that if they wanted to reject the ordinance they should vote “yes,” when in fact a “no” vote would oppose it.

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Water activist warns against allowing Nestle in (Wells, ME)

By Steve Bodnar, SeacoastOnline

Nestle Waters North America, parent company of Poland Spring, was in the crossfire at a crowded Oct. 22 presentation at the Wells Activity Center, just 12 days before a local vote that could affect how the company is able to conduct business in town.

Hosted by local water-rights activists and attended by more than 50 people, the presentation detailed the legal battle between a Michigan water-rights group and Nestle.  That battle was eventually settled in July 2009, after years in court.

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We lose when companies badmouth public water

By Patti Lynn, Pocono Record, October 19, 2009

Things aren’t looking pretty for drinking water these days. Recent articles from The New York Times and the Associated Press have exposed unchecked pollution, grave gaps in oversight, decaying infrastructure, and concerns about emerging contaminants.

Yet one voice sees the decay of our water infrastructure through a rose-colored glass. “We’re bullish on water in the next 10 years,” said Nestlé Waters North America CEO Kim Jeffery, on a recent call for analysts. How exactly can he say this, given recent reports?

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The surprise inside your water bottle

What’s in the bottle, Dallas?

By Byron Harris, WFAA-TV, Dallas, TX
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A little bit of nature is what Gary Dunlap bought into when he scooped up a case of bottled water at his neighborhood Walmart.  Then he took a closer look and found that the stuff in the bottle came from a municipal water supply.  “I was just surprised that Walmart was selling this municipal water,” said Dunlap, who is an accountant from Keller.
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