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Protect Our Water

At a recent meeting in Ellsworth’s City Hall sponsored by the Lamoine Conservation Commission, a 2009 film called “Tapped,” about huge problems with bottled water, was shown. Concerned with the stubbornness of corporations in our daily lives, I was worried that a big company could drain “my aquifer” and leave me wicked thirsty. […]

Where Thoreau Lived, Crusade Over Bottles

CONCORD, Mass. — Henry David Thoreau was jailed here 164 years ago for refusing to pay taxes while living at Walden Pond. Now the town has Jean Hill to contend with.


District shuts water tap to bottler

Traci Kratzer Record Gazette Staff Writer | original article

The Cabazon Water District has shut off the water supply to the Nestle Waters North America bottling plant in Cabazon. […]

Water tapped out at Nestle Waters North America bottling?


The Cabazon Water District on Wednesday has threatened to shut off the water supply Wednesday to Nestle Waters North America bottling plant in Cabazon, the general manager for the utility announced late Tuesday.


Maine may limit use of BPA

The state may ban some uses of a controversial plastic additive as its first “priority chemical” under a new toxic chemical control law.

Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection is recommending that bisphenol-A, or BPA, be banned from use in reusable food and beverage containers such as baby bottles and water bottles […]

Atlantic City students pick tap water over bottled – barely – in blind taste test

By DIANE D’AMICO Education Writer (original article here )

ATLANTIC CITY – Atlantic City High School students lined up to drink water Thursday to see whether they could tell the difference between bottled water and tap water from the school fountains.

Students had difficulty doing so, and the test reinforced the intended message […]

Action Alert on Water & Climate Change

Hello readers,

Climate meetings are taking place in Bonn Germany this week and next week. They are preparing for the next major round of negotiations in Cancun this fall. So far water is not even being discussed in climate negotiations. Negotiators need to hear from us that water is key to […]

Water and the Web of Life

By Joyce White

We did not weave the web of life, We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, We do to ourselves. – Attributed to Chief Seattle of the Dwamish tribe

We in Maine have such an abundance of water that we tend […]