Nestlé uses World Water Day to Brand the World’s Children

What sounds more sweet and innocent than teaching children about the importance of fresh water? That’s the public relations message Nestlé is putting out in its press releases. But what message is getting conveyed to the world’s children when they learn about fresh water from a corporation which wants to sell them drinking water out of a bottle and charge them the market price? Nestlé water is for drinking and tap water is for washing, that’s the message. This is the same corporation which sold infant formula as a substitute for breast milk to poor mothers in developing countries where clean tap water was not available. Here’s Nestlé’s story. You can decide for yourself.

Nestlé celebrates World Water Day with children from 25 different countries

March 22, 2011 Around 10,000 children in 25 countries will be offered the chance to learn about the importance of fresh water at educational festivals led by Nestlé Waters in partnership with Project WET this week…. To support the initiative, Nestlé Waters has invited local school children and their teachers to attend ‘Together for Water’ festivals at its sites, or nearby locations, in countries ranging from the United States to France, Lebanon, Brazil, Pakistan and China…. While at Nestlé’s Henniez factory in Switzerland, staff will spend the day with groups of local school children, running Project WET exercises and explaining the company’s efforts to protect the mineral water’s natural source. Full story is here

Statement on World Water Day

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As the world reels from the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear catastrophe in Japan, a disaster which was never supposed to happen, we have an opportunity today on World Water Day to look into the future and pledge to take action to prevent another impending disaster. We must not allow corporations to gain control of water on which all life depends. Action must be taken at all levels, from local communities to the United Nations. Continue reading

The only suspended highway contractor

Chinese constructors interested in building a suspended highway in Bucharest

 | March 3, 2011 3:16 pm

Chinese company Beijing Municipal Construction Group Co. Ltd has shown interest in building a suspended highway in Bucharest. According to a press release of the Bucharest Municipality, the representatives of the Chinese company have presented to Bucharest mayor, Sorin Oprescu, who is visiting China, the current suspended road still under construction, which runs through central Beijing. Within two years, 9.6 km of suspended highway were built.


“It is clear that the suspended highway can be done. Discussions continue, and my desire is to start as soon as possible this project for the Romanian capital city”, said the mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu. The Chinese company specializes in building suspended highways, bridges and overpasses and was founded 61 years ago.

Irina Popescu,