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Canada legally required to take action on human right to water: Report

Ottawa – As the first anniversary of the UN General Assembly’s historic recognition of the human right to water and sanitation draws near, the Council of Canadians is releasing a new report today by chairperson Maude Barlow, titled Our Right to Water: A People’s Guide to Implementing the United Nations’ Recognition of the Right to […]

Thank you White Wolf Inn!

I am writing this letter to send deep regards and thanks to Sandi and her staff at the White Wolf Inn in Stratton.

Sandi generously hosted the Mother Earth Water Walkers when they came through Stratton on May 11. We all enjoyed excellently cooked and filling meals at the restaurant, and slept soundly in the […]

Bottled Water a Bust

Posted Wednesday, June 15, 2011 in Sustainable Maine

Bottled water then and now; that’s apple cider in the glass bottle.

by Steve Cartwright

When I was a kid, some upscale folks bought Poland Spring water in glass bottles to demonstrate their refined taste. Me, I just drank tap water. I mean, this wasn’t root […]

How comical is bottled water? "Pearls before Swine" Comic:

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How comical is bottled water? “Pearls before Swine” Comic:

Activist Alert: Keep your eyes and ears open!!!

Nestlé Waters CEO Kim Jeffery is eyeing a bottle production plant for the East Coast. Report: Nestle Waters plans new plant Nestle Waters North America reportedly is interested in building a $30 million bottling plant at an unspecified location on the East Coast, which could produce some 40 million bottles from recycled materials annually. Stamford-based […]

Health concerns at Poland Springs bottling plant in Framingham

The Milford Daily News, June 12, 2011 FRAMINGHAM -Concerned about a 500 percent increase in water quality complaints, the state and town are monitoring Nestle’s Poland Spring bottling plant on Pennsylvania Avenue. State and town inspectors first visited the facility in April, looking for the cause of unpleasant taste, odor and sickness reported by some […]

Town of Wales, New York, Adopts Community Rights Ordinance That Bans “Fracking”

Defending Water Congratulates Wales, New York, for protecting their community and their water from the destructive gas drilling practice known as “fracking” which injects water laced with toxic chemicals into the ground to release natural gas from shale rock. “This local law embodies the will of our residents to protect our natural resources from destruction, […]

108 Giant Chinese Infrastructure Projects That Are Reshaping The World

Vivian Giang and Robert Johnson | Jun. 8, 2011, 10:28 AM

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As hundreds of million of Chinese move to cities and enter the middle class, China faces a huge demand for new infrastructure. 

At the same time, Beijing looks to fixed-asset investments to keep the economy booming.

The resultant infrastructure push is […]