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Statement: Community says “No to Nestlé,” Victory Shows Power of the Grassroots

By Kristin Urquiza, Think Outside the Bottle Campaign Director http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2011/07/28-8

BOSTON – July 28 – After a year-long campaign, Friends of the Wacissa, Corporate Accountability International’s partners and campaign allies, are celebrating Nestlé’s abandonment of their plans to pump hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a day from the Wacissa River. The food and beverage giant announced yesterday that it is giving up its attempts to bottle and sell water from Wacissa and leaving town for good.

Nestlé’s […]

Victory in FL! Friends of the Wacissa Protected Springs from Nestle!

Dear Friends and Protectors of the Wacissa River Springs,

Incredible news! Nestle Waters just announced that they will not pursue commmercial water extraction at Allen Spring on Wacissa River. Thank you, thank you for your steadfast efforts!

WFSU-FM 88.9 radio will likely have story in morning. Also check www.tdo.com

You can also read www.floridaenvironments.com


Recommended Rights of Nature Book List

Rights of Nature books

The Rights of Nature, The Case for a Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. This brilliant new book is co-produced by Global Exchange, the Council of Canadians, The Pachamama Alliance, and Fundación Pachamama. Read excerpts of visionary essays from the book posted by AlterNet.org:

Vision: The Declaration of the […]

More Nestle Hijinks: vote postponed on ordinance to protect water in Jefferson County FL

Update: Jefferson County Commission tables aquifer protection ordinance

by Jennifer Portman Democrat senior writer

A vote on an aquifer protection ordinance intended to protect the Wacissa and other area spring-fed rivers from private bottled water operations was tabled Thursday night by the Jefferson County Commission.

A decision on the proposed ordinance, which would require any […]

Florida Grassroots Group working to Stop Nestle from Pumping Water out of the Wacissa River

Jefferson County commissioners will take public comments and vote Thursday evening on a new Aquifer Protection Ordinance intended to help protect the Wacissa and other county spring-fed rivers from private bottled water operations.

The ordinance, which took months to draft, comes in the wake of prospective plans by Nestle Waters North America to pump water […]

Banning Corporate Personhood: How Communities Are Taking the Law Back from Big Companies

Ben Price of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund explains how communities can fight corporate power with a new legal weapon. Defending Water comment: Well, not entirely new. Shapleigh and Newfield have used this weapon in ordinances they passed in 2009 to keep Nestle from taking their water. If frackers come to Maine wanting to […]

Letter to UN on 1st anniversary of UN Right to Water Mandate

Defending Water for Life Coordinator Ruth Caplan helped draft this letter to the United Nations. Currently, we and other organizations are gathering signatures. As soon as the signing is complete, we will post the final Letter here on the website…

Letter body:

Esteemed President of the General Assembly, UN functionaries, and State Representatives,

We are […]

Action Alert: Join a Global Letter Campaign for Rights Of Mother Earth

We are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible, living community of interrelated forms. All forms of exploitation, abuse and contamination have caused great destruction to Mother Earth.

Today nature is treated as property under the law. Nature has no standing and therefore, cannot be represented directly in a court of law. Our goal is […]

Nestle Eyeing Bottling Plant Locations in Oregon

Nestle is looking for a location in Oregon to build a bottling plant. Here is the link to learn more:


Here is the link to Defending Water for Life’s Oregon website:


No to Nestle! Terri Swier representing Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

In this video, Terri Swier describes the battle between Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation and the local community, and Nestle Waters North America.