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Green Party NB Supports Opposition to Shale Gas

From the New Brunswick Harbinger, July 11, 2011

The Green Party of New Brunswick supports the ongoing efforts of citizens throughout New Brunswick to protect their communities, their drinking water and their air quality from the hazards of shale gas development. Evidence is continually mounting of deteriorating quality of life and health in regions where hydro-fracking for shale gas is being carried out. In addition, studies show that the methane released through fracking makes this unconventional extraction of natural gas a greater contributor to greenhouse gas emissions than conventional coal. Thus it is a net contributor to climate change.

“Shale gas is a low quality fossil fuel resource, just like the bitumen in the tar sands. We’re at the bottom of the barrel in terms of the energy resource that is left and we need to adapt,” says Roy MacMullin, the Green Party energy advocate. “We are now at the fork in the road. We can either choose to move backwards into even dirtier fossil fuels, or we can build homes that are ultra efficient with geothermal or passive solar, arrange our communities so that public transportation works, and replace dirty and dangerous power plants with renewable energy systems.”

Green Party president Janice Harvey added, “This is a 19th century development mentality. As long as New Brunswick stays mired here, we will always be at the back of the pack as the new green economy develops around us. The 21st century requires new thinking and new direction,” said Harvey.

MacMullin added, “The idea of natural gas being a transition fuel to a sustainable energy economy is history. Energy efficiency and renewable technologies have now developed to such an extent that we could move directly to a sustainable energy economy if investments are directed towards that goal.”

Link to article: http://nbharbinger.wordpress.com/category/new-brunswick/

2 comments to Green Party NB Supports Opposition to Shale Gas

  • richard lind

    thank you. There is nothing “natural” about ‘natural gas drilling” It is a horrendous practice that jepordizs our fresh water supply and should be universally opposed.

    • chris

      Absolutely. The water supplies are poisoned throughout the entire aquifer. Thanks so much for responding and for spending time looking at our website! ~Chris

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