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Attention all committed to the future of Maine: Kickoff Campaign to Oppose the East-West Highway!

RALLY!  Noon, Tuesday, February 14, 2012.  Outside the State House.

At 1pm, LD 1671, An Act To Provide Funding to the Department of Transportation for a Feasibility Study of an East-west Highway, is scheduled for a public hearing and we want to be there!

We want to attract media coverage, and get our talking points out there.  Then, we’ll move inside to attend the hearing.

Pre-Rally Rendevouz!  9am, Tuesday, February 14.  Belgrade*.

Let’s meet to develop solid talking points, strategize our overall approach, make posters, and inspire each other!

*Place: 273 manchester road, belgrade, 04917

I’ll have some food and if someone can bring coffee and a coffee pot that’d be awesome.

Action items: Please sign up!

-Contact media:

-Develop talking points (at least send brainstorms via email):

-Bring banners and posters:

-Outreach and Bring people who will be impacted:

If you can’t be there, write letters of opposition and email them to me.  I will include them in our testimony at the hearing!


Thanks and can’t wait to see you and your posse there!!!



info:  www.defendingwater.net/maine/east-west-highway/


We are expressing opposition to the East-West Highway because:

1)  It is dishonest to use taxpayer money to fund a private project.  The east-west highway would be a private toll road.

2)  The project does not bring any benefit to Maine.  Its primary use will be as a highly expensive toll road for Canadian transport trucks heading to East coast ports.  Not for tourists, or for Mainers.

3)  The project exposes Maine to be used for foreign companies to make money on us.  The highway would export profit from Maine, by opening Maine up to resource exploitation by multinational corporations that provide very few jobs if any, do not spend their profits in Maine, and do not pay taxes here.  And for that harm, most Mainers will lose access to affordable land to make a living on, and reduce Maine’s tourist appeal, a significant source of income for Mainers.

4)  The project will not create many jobs.  This is a private project.  During construction, more people may get employed.  However, as Cianbro regularly performs huge infrastructure projects all over New England, we expect they will provide a high percentage of the work force.  Many Cianbro employees live in Maine, and that is great, but we’re not looking at new job creation here.

Once the road is built, there may be a couple more gas station service jobs.

Wood chips for export to Europe, and jobs mining or bottling water, provide very few jobs compared to other local land uses.  And for the protection of our beautiful state, the Way Life Should Be.  What kind of jobs will be left for our children?

5)  The construction of the highway, over 3 major rivers, multiple wetlands, and through old growth forest would be very damaging to the environment.

6)  More roads are a waste of money in general.  As we approach peak oil, everyone will drive less.  Why spend more money on roads when we are just going to have less and less fuel?  Climate change activists say put the money into lasting infrastructure projects to benefit people and communities that are not reliant on fossil fuel.


Chris Buchanan


(207) 357-1443

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