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Notes from Vigue Presentation to WTS, Senator Inn, Augusta, 4-12-12

April 12, 2012 ~ Chris Notes

Women’s Transportation Seminar hosts Peter Vigue at Senator Inn, Augusta


-humble from Pittsfield and had good fortue

-has watched transformation of economy w/in last 25 years, especially in Northern ME

-communities already have infrastructure in place

-unemployment is over 14%, people are underutilized

-Peter asks, how do we move up?

-for Peter, connectivity

-we can’t export to China, etc., and we need to

-we don’t have an economic plan for ME

-Peter travels outside of ME to increase opportunity for Cianbro

-people here are highly skilled

-“perception is in the eye of the beholder”

-we do perceive ourselves as at the end of the road

-multiple Canadian companies who are top investors in ME

-Chris ?: how much more $ would we get if they were ME owned

Note: Peter has changed presentation to note “East-West Corridor”

-consumers pay for transportation costs (in general)

-route through Bangor, Newport, Skowhegan, Bethel, etc. is too expensive to build, and will take too long (25 years)

Point:  -with all those Canadian investors in ME, why is MDOT going out of business?  why is Maine’s middle “hollow”?


-there will be a RR facility East of the Penobscot river, and another intermodal at Brownville

-Wildlife Crossings-

-HW will be fenced, and allow for crossings

-it will be a demonstration for all other roads around the U.S. and beyond

-“Long-Term Transportation, Utility, and Communications Corridor”-

-“transmission lines, gas lines, all of that” are used all over the place (Peter placed his hands over each other to show how they sprawl all around)

-confine utilities to 1 swath of clear cutting

-corridor is a collaborative approach

-ME becomes the NorthEast Trade Gateway

-“dynamic approaches to competing in a global economy”

-i.e. building modules like they do in Brewer and sending them to the Nickel plan (I believe in Labrador, CA)

-example of Maine manufacturers of trunk liners for cars that ships to the Midwest and needs to transport product w/in 24 hours

-fills Maine’s hollow middle- all of these rural communities in northern and central ME

-they are not attacking the North ME woods, due to the fact that is it south of them

-Peter brought up example of Brunswick, and how wide the streets are in that community but that it’s still a vibrant downtown

-one of the best planned, Peter thinks

-the highway is taxable

-jobs: people employed for highway maintenance

-tourism: will increase access to Sugarloaf

-“planning at this current time 6 interchanges”

-Cianbro doesn’t build roads, but bridges and structures



-does have a highly interested investor

-will cross 2 major rivers, and 20 smaller structures for smaller waterways

-they will work with Audubon, Nature Conservancy, and others

-proposed MPH: 75 mph, not currently planned to have a bike path but he’s open to listen to public demand

-car toll: can’t determine cost yet, depends on projected traffic count, but, the toll should be attractive to cars.

-truck toll: “toll is 1/3 or less” of how much is costs now for trucks to drive around ME

-talked about ME as the “bread basket of the NE”

-Betty Noyes created Libra foundation to promote economy in in northern ME

-supports growers of barley, that feed all natural cows that are process in the Midwest and sold for $15/lb

-branding: ME has special privilege to brand products because people want stuff from ME

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