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Pipeline Debate Comes To Maine

By John Balentine jbalentine@keepmecurrent.com


PORTLAND – As a proposal to build an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast has emerged as a contentious issue on the national political scene, a similar debate has started locally, regarding an existing pipeline that runs from the tank farms in South Portland and through the Lakes […]

Pipeline Pondering Flow Change

By Tom Bell | February 6, 2008

http://www.pressherald.com/archive/pipeline-pondering-flow-change_2008-02-06.html Portland Pipe Line and its parent company in Canada are studying the possibility of spending $100 million to reverse the flow of oil through one of two 236-mile-long pipelines that travel underground between South Portland and Montreal. Portland Pipeline Marine Terminal In South Portland, Maine

The reversal […]

Portland Montreal Pipe Line Company

The Portland Montreal Pipe Line’s history began during World War II, as oil shipments to Canada were largely disrupted by enemy naval forces. South Portland offered a safe and secure port to unload the oil, and thus the Portland Pipeline was built to transfer oil to the Canadian refineries. Oil is delivered via tanker ships […]

The War on Public Water

Posted By Vanessa Barrington On April 3, 2012 @ 5:22 AM

It’s up to us to say no to corporations buying up our public water and selling it back to us in plastic.

In the context of World Water Day on March 22, a report by the World Economic Forum ranked water shortage as one […]

Open Letter to the Piscataquis County Commissioners

Dear Piscataquis County Commissioners, and other interested citizens:

In view of the fact that Mr. Peter Vigue is scheduled to appear at a Commissioners public meeting on May 15, to present his “vision” of an “East-West Utility Corridor” (proposed to run along the Piscataquis River Valley and elsewhere); I wanted to make sure that you […]

Politicos like the East-West highway; how about the public?

By LANCE TAPLEY | April 18, 2012

Read more: http://thephoenix.com/boston/news/137148-politicos-like-the-east-west-highway-how-about-th/#ixzz1sVEUuFbj

Peter Vigue, CEO of Maine’s big construction company Cianbro, has recently been successful in promoting to the state’s politicians his plan for a 220-mile, limited-access, privately owned toll highway bisecting Maine from New Brunswick to Quebec. It’s the latest incarnation of an idea usually referred […]

New east-west highway proposal renews an old debate with refocused financing

By Randy Billings | APRIL 16, 2012


PHOTO/TIM GREENWAY Peter Vigue, chairman and CEO of Cianbro Corp., is calling on private investment to lead the way in creating an east-west highway Enlarge image PHOTO/TIM GREENWAY Barbara Cherry, a biologist with Maine Audubon who assesses the impact of roads on wildlife, says a new major […]

Notes from Vigue Presentation to WTS, Senator Inn, Augusta, 4-12-12

April 12, 2012 ~ Chris Notes

Women’s Transportation Seminar hosts Peter Vigue at Senator Inn, Augusta


-humble from Pittsfield and had good fortue

-has watched transformation of economy w/in last 25 years, especially in Northern ME

-communities already have infrastructure in place

-unemployment is over 14%, people are underutilized

-Peter asks, how do we […]

E-W SuperCorridor: Defending Water for Life Interview with Jennifer Rooks from MaineWatch

Program: Maine Watch with Jennifer Rooks, Episode: East-West Highway in Maine


Description from MPBN: The legislature has just approved funding to study the feasibility of a four lane private highway from Calais to Coburn Gore. Supporters say it would transform the economy of Northern and Eastern Maine. Others are concerned about environmental impacts. Cianbro […]

Governor Paul LePage signs LD 1671

Update 4-5-12: Governor Paul LePage signed LD 1671 to officially sanction the MDOT to oversee a financial feasibility study of the east-west corridor. Here are links to TV coverage and articles: