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William Welsh: Gated Corridor

EW Green Flyer for May 31

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Maine inside Canada

Bruce Towl No Corridor

EW Green Sticker

EW Green Poster (30 inch)

Event Alert: May 31: Rally 4pm, Public Mic 5pm: Foxcroft Academy

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Public Rally! to share views and info on the proposed East-West Corridor Thursday, May 31st 4pm, rally 5pm, public mic 6pm, proponent presentation

Foxcroft Academy

975 W Main St. Dover-Foxcroft

~ Folks opposed encouraged to wear Hunter Orange ~


Vision: to create […]

Enbridge Oil Spill Cover-Up In Michigan

A year after a tar sands pipeline ruptured in Michigan, Enbridge is covering up a polluted streambed. Is this the kind of pipeline we want crossing our rivers? (If you haven’t seen this please do.)


Kalamazoo Oil Spill – What happened and effects today

Susan Connolly, a mom from Michigan, describes what it was like to wake up to an oil spill in her community in July 2010, and what were the impacts to her children and wildlife to this day.


Spill from Hell: Diluted Bitumen

Poisoned air. Sunken gunk. A clean-up nightmare. What we’re learning from the oil sands ‘DilBit’ dump into the Kalamazoo River.