Bellingham City Council Blocks Community Bill of Rights


City Council blocks Community Bill of Rights  and drafts resolution calling for expanded environmental impact statement

Last week Bellingham City Council challenged the legality of Citizen’s Initiative 2, the Bellingham Community Bill of Rights in an attempt to keep it off the ballot. On Monday night the council will discuss passing a resolution asking for a programatic environmental impact statement, and asking that massive costs for infrastructure expansion and mitigation associated with this project be borne by GPT rather than the city of Bellingham and the taxpayers.  We are proud of the city council for proposing this resolution.  But we don’t want the trains or the terminal at all – whether they pay the mitigation costs or we pay them. 

We are sorry that the council challenged our initiative which would allow us to vote to block the trains.  We believe that this initiative, like others before it in other cities, will be upheld by the courts and will reach the ballot in November.  


To the City Council:

We are glad you are calling for an expanded environmental impact statement


asking that GPT pay for more of the harm that will be caused if the trains come through our city.

But we would like to vote, thank you very much.


On July 2nd, supporters of Coal-Free Bellingham may express their views during the open comment session of the City Council meeting.   See Press release and call to action below.




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