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Rally of Unity, January 8th, State House!

Rally of Unity…

January 8th, NOON, State House, Augusta

…for our people AND our environment on the first day of the 126th Legislature ! ! !

Organized by the Alliance for the Common Good, an ad-hoc coalition assembling as a unified front under the theme, “Maine the Possible” to give voice to ordinary Maine people and to push back against corporate dominance in government, with hopes to organize into the future. Principles we agree on:

Maine $$ for Maine People

A Maine Economy that Protects our Environment

Money Out of Politics

Current details:

-At NOON we will gather outside, possible activities include:

-holding hands in a circle of unity



-color blocks (many people wearing one color)

-At 1pm we will move into the Hall of Flags, possible activities include:

-citizen lobbying

-a human oil spill or “die-in” (wear black and lie on the floor)


-Individuals and groups should represent themselves visually, and be creative to highlight issues


-No groups will be featured.  We do not all agree or endorse each other, but we can rally behind the above principles, therefore:

-One press release will represent all of us.  To contribute to the release, or to be on the list to review the release before it’s sent out, contact Lew before January 1: kingsburyk(at)hotmail(dot)com

-Alliance spokespeople will talk to press at the event.  We’d prefer these to be citizens with a personal story, who will speak to the message of unity and say why they’re at the rally.

-One resource packet for legislators will be available. To include your issue in the packet contact Ridgely with a one page, black and white document: ridgelyfuller(at)gmail(dot)com


Join us:  The bigger the movement, the stronger the impact!  If your organization is interested in joining the Alliance for the Common Good on January 8th, please contact Chris to confirm your support: chris(at)defendingwater(dot)net We will be in contact with you after January 8th to explore the future of this Alliance.


The Alliance for the Common Good currently includes:

350 Maine, AbilityMaine, Activist Art, Alliance for Democracy, American Friends Service Committee, Americans Who Tell the Truth, Bring Our War $$ Home, Citizens United, CodePink, Defending Water for Life, Don’t Waste ME, Food and Water Watch, Food for Maine’s Future, Global Network, Industrial Wind activists, Maine EarthFirst!, Maine Greens, Maine Peace Action, Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition, National War Tax Resisters, Occupy groups statewide, Pax Christi Maine, Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, Peninsula Peace and Justice, Pine Tree Youth Organizing, Resources for Organizing and Social Change, Social Workers,  Searsport LPG activists, Stop the East-West Corridor …

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