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Pipeline Math

Pi x R²

Look at the width of destruction, for a 36 inch pipeline. But then again it looks like it may be 3 pipelines. The larger of the two coming into Portland Maine is only 24 inches. 452.16 sq inches across,,,  36 inch would be 1017.36   40 inch is 1256  and 48 inch would be 1808.64

2x across is 4‰ times the volume. double the width again, which would be hard to hide, would be 16‰ times the volume.

so it is a 2:4 ration width vs Sq feet, which per 1 foot long is the volume per cubic foot.

then figure the gallons per cubic foot. 1256 Cubic inches  = 104.6666666666667 Cubic feet = 782.961 Gallons per linear foot. = 15.65922 bbl per foot at 50 gal pre bbl.

At the 208,000 bbl per day that would have to move only 13282.90936585603 feet per day or 2.515702531412126 miles a day
0.1048209388088386 miles per hour 553.4545569106678 feet per hour about 2 and a half acres in width, to get 208,000 bbl per day
6,250,000 dollars within 250 feet of you at any given time, based on a 500 foot ROW, under the ground, sitting nearby.

People run at nearly 5 Mph

24″ to 48″ would be 4x as many gallons of Oil

So from a 24 inch pipe to a 48 inch pipe, it carries 4‰ times as much Oil

Ya think they could hide a 48″ pipe ? You bet they could, as it takes no longer to bury once the trench has been created.

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