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Maine Sensible Transportation Policy MDOT Handbook

Sensible Transportation Policy Act and Resource Page

East-West Bills Headed for Transportation Committee

In response to varying concerns about the proposed development of an East-West highway/corridor across Maine, some important bills are making their way through the legislature. Five of them will soon be coming up for a hearing before the Transportation Committee in April, where they will be taken up in a single session. They are:

LD […]


Community Economic Impacts from the Proposed East-West Highway/Corridor

Outside Mt Hood, Oregon snowpack is below average as the water year ends

April 7, 2013

GRANTS PASS, Oregon — Oregon’s tallest peak has raked enough moisture out of passing storms to claim the only normal snowpack in the state.

But the farther a river basin is from Mount Hood, the worse summertime flows look.

The latest snowpack maps posted on the Natural Resources Conservation Service show […]

Let The Public See Who’s Responsible For River Discharge

Oregonian Opinion Letter

April 6, 2013

By Travis Williams

Every day, millions of gallons of treated waste are pumped into our rivers and other waterways in Oregon from municipal treatment plants, industrial facilities and other sources. These discharges are allowed with permits issued under the federal Clean Water Act, and most often people meet […]

Conservation groups to file lawsuit over Klamath River water flow

Associated Press April 4, 2013

GRANTS PASS — Two conservation groups warned federal agencies Thursday they plan to sue to get more water devoted to protected salmon in the Klamath River.

Oregon Wild and WaterWatch of Oregon filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue. They object to a new water management plan for a […]

Oregon Reservoirs Low heading Into Irrigation Season

OPB | April 03, 2013 4:19 p.m. | Updated: April 03, 2013 6:59 p.m. | Bend, Oregon

David Nogueras

Some Oregon farmers could have a difficult time finding water for their crops this summer. That’s according to the state’s Water Resources Department. With the spring irrigation season about to begin, state reservoirs hold […]

Our View: Transparency needed on transportation projects

The public has the right to know what the state and its private roadwork partners are up to.

April 3, 2013 | Portland Press Herald

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Back in 2010, the Legislature created an exemption to the state’s right-to-know law that you could drive a truck through.

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A group […]