Klamath water fight goes to Washington

Klamath Basin water users are testifying before a Senate committee in D.C. Thursday.

The Klamath Water Users Association represents farmers and ranchers in the basin and is hoping a senate committee will help get the water turned back on for ranchers.

Greg Addington with the association is testifying today, and representing 42 interested parties.

There’s been a long running struggle in the basin to ensure everyone gets enough water in the dry months.

Addington says irrigators need to be part of the solution along with fish groups, tribes and the power company, “for us to really fix some of theses things we have to have the government involved and to do that we need we need legislation passed to do that.”

Water in some irrigated areas of the Klamath Basin was turned off last week.

Despite court pleas from irrigators, tribes are still getting priority, to protect fish.

Thursday, Senator Ron Wyden said, the price tag is too high for agreements made after the Klamath Basin water crisis in 2001.

Many say, this year’s partial shut-off could have been avoided if Congress had passed agreements to help restore tribal fisheries.

Source: http://ktvl.com/shared/news/top-stories/stories/ktvl_vid_7726.shtml

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