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Defending Water in the Skagit Basin March Newsletter

Defending Water in the Skagit Basin March 2013 Newsletter- click to view PDF

Defending Water in the Skagit Basin, an arm of Defending Water in Washington presents this March 2013 newsletter featuring a Tethys Enterprises Beverage Bottling Plant Site Update. We hope this information provides insight to the impact that the plant will have on Fidalgo Island and surrounding Skagit County Communities. […]

Skagit County Climate Change Study

Skagit County Planning and Development Services, Wash., released a climate change study on the Skagit River Basin. The Climate Impacts Group/University of Washington conducted the study for Envision Skagit 2060. The website includes links to the following:

Executive Summary Basin Overview Climate Variability Climate Change Scenarios Glaciers Hydrology Geomorphology Ecosystems Human Systems […]

Bigger Than Nestlé

In Oct. 2010, Mayor Dean Maxwell of Anacortes, Wash., signed a water contract with Tethys Enterprises (a venture capital company) to build the largest bottled water/beverage and food production plant in the United States—bigger than the Nestlé bottled water plant in Hollis, Maine. The Hollis plant is entitled close to one million gallons […]

Nestles gets to keep taking Michigan water

Defending Water for Life is disappointed but not surprised to see this outcome from the Michigan Court of Appeals:

Why rights-based-ordinances are essential to actual protection: Courts follow laws that regulate environmental damage, they cannot prevent the damage from happening. And Nestle still complains because they’re not taking as much water per minute as they’d […]

Brewer hires former code enforcement officer as water superintendent

Let’s keep an eye on this guy.

Rodney Butler, the previous code enforcement office, left to briefly work for Nestle and is now returning to Brewer as the water superintendent. Let’s all watch to ensure no sleezy deals go down between the water commodification giant and this nice little city while Butler is in charge. […]

Bolivia Scraps Controversial Highway Plan: Rights of Nature upheld!

President Morales cancels plans to build highway through a nature reserve after sustained protest from Amazon Indians.

from Al Jazeera, October 22, 2011.

Protesters camp out in front of the government palace to protest against the construction of the highway [Reuters]

Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, has announced that he is scrapping plans to […]

Defending Water for Life in Maine at the Common Ground Country Fair

Making Quilt Squares at the Common Ground Fair

Defending Water for Life in Maine tabled for three days at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, ME. Organizers Denise and Chris spoke with hundreds of people about protecting water in Maine. We provided a couple interactive activities for fairgoers, including a poster sized “Anti-Bottled Water” […]

New Brunswick: Police and Private Harassment of Anti-Frackers

Shale gas opponents face intimidation

by One Straw Revolution, 10/10/2011

Stephanie Merrill and the NB Media Co-op is reporting that the RCMP and private security firms are placing anti-fracking groups and members under close surveillance and laying criminal complaints against them, while private security firms are harassing ant-fracking protesters.

Shale gas protesters around the province […]

Alabama Immigration Law: Prove Citizenship or Lose Clean Water Supply

By Ashley Portero | October 10, 2011 12:33 PM EDT

While Alabama’s recently upheld immigration law has been criticized by a number of organizations for provisions that are widely thought to be the harshest in the nation, there’s one measure that can be considered the most draconian of the bunch: namely, a line that has […]

Indigenous Peoples Cosmovision and Relationship to Water: A Need for a New Paradigm in Water Policy and Water Management

Protect Our Manoomin: Communities must declare all water sources as sacred sites.

prepared 9/24/2011 by Renee Gurneau, Anishinaabe Indigenous Knowledge Institute, and Tom B.K. Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network

“Indigenous elders, who have been grounded in culture and language, are the foundation of traditional education about water. They are our living treasures. Understanding the meaning of […]