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Dropbox of Eastern Region GIS Maps

Eastern best guesses 1-30-13

Hot pink is Washington county line Yellow is Sunrise area, a group of many small segments of preserves etc Red is the Power line ROW edges to Canada The Greens are preserves provided by standard Google Earth, however more are displayed with the Maine overlays from the website light pink is Passamaquaddy lands the […]

Charleston to Garland best guess – 2013

Based on information from Cianbro as of January 2013

Machias River Phase III; FY2009 Forest Legacy Project

Washington Bald Mountain / Wabassus Lake



West Grand Lake Community Forest Project

West Grand Lake Community Forest Project

Cianbro’s East-West Map

From Peter Vigue’s Presentation November 10, 2011. Click on this map, then on the map again on the newly loaded page to see it in detail. The entire power point is here: http://www.emdc.org/document_upload/CIANBRO%20Presentation.pdf

The Tar Sands Pipeline Boom Map

Cianbro’s East West Corridor Presentation June 2012

East-West through Dover-Foxcroft

Regional Map: The Forks to Coburn Gore