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Maine Sensible Transportation Policy MDOT Handbook

Sensible Transportation Policy Act and Resource Page

Community Economic Impacts from the Proposed East-West Highway/Corridor

A New Civil Rights Movement: Liberating Our Communities from Corporate Control: A Pennsylvania Judge Holds That Corporations Are Not “Persons”

Conserving Habitat on and around Maine’s Roads: A Report by Maine Audobon and Maine DOT

Beating Goliath: A Resource for Corporate Campaigners

The Superhighway Facts: Report on North American Corridor planning

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compiled by Dee Finney

Prairie-to-Ports Gateway & Inland Port

The Prairie-to-Ports Gateway & Inland Port, or “Prairie Gateway” is a virtual combination of services and a cluster of numerous transportation, distribution […]

Highway Robbery: Public-Private Infrastructure Partnerships

How “public-private-partnerships” extract private profit from public infrastructure projects.


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In 1995, California granted a private company the right to construct express toll lanes along the State Route 91 freeway in Orange County, a region inhabited by millions, with some of the heaviest traffic flows in […]

TD Economics Special Report: Pipeline Expansion is a National Priority


Link to full pdf.

Peter Vigue, Cianbro CEO, is on the board of TD Bank. TD Bank is the largest financer of tarsands projects.

EMDC Searsport to Bangor Logistics Corridor Project