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E/W Alert! Canada to send Tar Sands Oil East, all articles here!

Plus this update: LePage’s private dealings with TarSand companies

Defending Water for Life in Maine and Stop the East-West Corridor members have anticipated exposure of the link between tar-sands oil and the East-West Corridor due to pressure to get the oil from Alberta to east coast ports.

While other environmental groups are focused on opposing […]

East-West through Dover-Foxcroft

Regional Map: The Forks to Coburn Gore

Regional map: Costigan to Dover-Foxcroft

Regional map: Guilford to the Forks

3 Full State East-West Routes by County, updated May 31

Quebec and New Brunswick Fracking Leases around East-West Highway

LD 1671 Work Session Testimony & Talking Points Resource

February 16, 2012

Dear members of the Transportation Committee,

I have compiled these points regarding LD 1671 that I urge you to consider. We want to see Maine prosper. Please do not allow this feasibility study to occur, for the following reasons:

Taxpayers funding a “financial” feasibility study, to see if private investors will profit. […]

Marie Zwicker’s Testimony in Opposition to LD 1671

As a voting resident and person who loves Maine “the way life should be” it has come to my attention that LD 1671, An Act To Provide Funding to the Department of Transportation for a Feasibility Study of an East-west Highway, is scheduled for a public hearing. As my memory serves, such a road has […]

Chris Buchanan’s Testimony in Oppostion of LD 1671


273 Manchester Road

Belgrade, ME 04917

Statement to the Transportation Committee regarding LD1671:

We are OPPOSED to An Act To Provide Funding to the Department of Transportation for a Feasibility Study of an East-west Highway

February 14, 2012 State House Room […]