The fight to sell or save water? “Water on the Table” film review

by EZRA WINTON on JUNE 24, 2011

…the documentary focuses on…Maude Barlow, an activist who has dedicated most of her life to fighting for the access, preservation and protection of water. The doc has recently been released on DVD and should be immediately picked up by anyone interested in resource issues, the corporatization of the commons, and civic activism in general.

Water on the Table (WOTT) is impeccably photographed by Steve Cosens and Marshall with stunning images of water in its various awe-inspiring forms, movements and moments. There is also plenty of footage of people talking about the issues and doing good things, but the motif of the sanctity of water runs throughout (no pun intended) and connects the whole film as an homage to this life element that most in the minority world take for granted most of the time…

Read the full review and see the trailer:

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