Rally of Unity, January 8th, State House!


Join Stop the East-West Corridor at the Rally of Unity!

*JANUARY 8             STATE HOUSE              AUGUSTA*


Wear your blaze orange! ! !


11:30am : Meet-Up in Parking Lot behind the Blaine House

Let’s get fired up! Share info, signs, materials, blaze orange, etc…


NOON : Rally between State House and Cross Building

Carry signs and banners, sing songs, do a little skit?  Spokespeople talk to media!


1pm : Move into Hall of Flags

More rallying! Talk to legislators, wear black under your orange for a mock oil spill…



  • A carpool coordinator, and carpool volunteers
  • Media spokespeople
  • Citizen lobbyists
  • to help contact: Chris 357-1443 or chris@defendingwater.net


With new information that Cianbro is speaking to Town Managers behind the backs of the public, we are gearing up for the next phase of organizing to stop the corridor!  This rally is an opportunity to come together, in solidarity with over 20 other environmental and social justice groups across the state, to tell our legislators to represent US by protecting our homes, health, and quality of life.  See you there in your BLAZE ORANGE!


no corridor, no compromise!

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