Run 4 Salmon seeks to protect fish, habitat, and tradition

It’s a dire time for wild Chinook salmon in California. Climate change, dam operations, watershed clear-cuts and the diversion of rivers for irrigation all threaten the survival of this keystone species.

To highlight the peril and demand action, the Winnemem Wintu Tribe and a collective of Indigenous women, activists and allies are embarking on a 300-mile trek from the California Bay Delta to Mt. Shasta, re-creating the upstream swim of the salmon’s return to its native spawning grounds. They are inviting supporters to participate in this historic march.

Join Run 4 Salmon, a series of trek segments and events taking place from September 17 to October 1, 2016. The mission is to raise awareness about the policies threatening Winnemem Wintu waters, fish and indigenous lifeways. The journey will start in the Bay Delta city of Vallejo and continue through Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Colusa, Woodson Bridge, Cow Creek, Shasta Lake and Redding, ending in McCloud, the winter-run Chinook’s historic spawning ground, where they have been missing since the construction of Shasta Dam.

The dam flooded over 90 percent of the Winnemem Wintu village, burial and sacred sites, and the winter-run Chinook salmon have been missing from their spawning grounds ever since. Now their fragile ecosystem is under attack once again, threatened by the $17 billion Delta Twin Tunnels project, designed to funnel water to thirsty agribusiness and fossil fuel corporations conducting fracking.

Earthjustice, representing Restore the Delta in ongoing hearings before California’s State Water Resources Control Board, is submitting detailed testimony from communities such as the Tribe that will be most affected by the project.

Do your part. The Run for Salmon event includes segments that you can walk, run, boat, bike and even ride on horseback. Sacred ceremonies and benefit concerts will be held along the way. Visit for a full list of events open to public participation.

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