Human Right to Water

Let California Lead the Nation

Take Action – Call Now before Friday, August 17

We have until August 17 to get this bill out of Senate Appropriations. They need to know that the community cares. The Senate passed a similar bill in 2009, but the Governor vetoed it. Now we have a Governor who might sign it. We need some leadership to get the bill to his desk!

We are asking supporters across the state to call Senate Appropriations Chair, Christine Kehoe and Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. Both are crucial to the decision to move the bill out of Senate Appropriations.
Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg: 916-651-4006
Senate Appropriations Chair, Christine Kehoe: 916-651-4039

Sample Message:

My name is _________ and I live in _______.   I am calling to thank the Senator for her/his previous support of the Human Right to Water and to ask that she/he champion AB685, the Human Right to Water bill, so that it can move off suspense in Senate Appropriations and onto the Senate floor for a vote. Millions of Californians do not have access to safe affordable drinking water. This is a crisis.

Last year, Governor Brown declared, “Clean drinking water is a basic human right…. Protecting the water we drink is an absolutely crucial duty of state government.” AB685 is an important bill.  Please make it a priority to get it to Governor Brown’s desk!  No one in California should be afraid when their child turns on the tap to get a drink. Thanks very much for your help!

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