Nestle: Maine Tough State for Business

Nestle:  Maine Tough State for Business Sun Journal
“I’m in New York City all the time. You cannot walk 100 yards in Manhattan without falling over a bottle of Poland Spring on some cart on every single street.”
–Kim Jeffery, President and CEO of Nestle Waters North America
Defending Water comments………
“Falling over,” yes, for sure.  Plastic bottles produce huge mounds of waste!
“Manhattan,” the city with pure water from the Catskills delivered without plastic, without delivery trucks coming from Maine, with almost no oil use since the water flows through pipes by gravity from the mountains, and thus with almost no contribution to climate change, and where the city water is far cheaper than Poland Spring water.   But Nestle is busy convincing people they should buy Poland Spring.
Jeffrey: “‘We love being in business here, but sometimes it’s hard,’ he said. ‘Sixteen pieces of legislation is an awful lot to deal with.'”
Defending Water comments………
“Hard,” Yes, it’s become harder for Nestle now they have to deal with concerned legislators and those pesky water activists.
Jeffrey “…asked the audience of nonprofit organization officials, to which Poland Spring donates nearly $1 million a year, to put in a good word to legislators. The audience laughed.”
Defending Water comments.……..
So what non-profits in Maine are taking money from Nestle besides Nature Conservancy?

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  1. I’m looking for a brief statement of the specific damage caused to water tables and ecosystems by water mining (to save me the trouble of writing something that’s already been done). Can you direct me to a good source?

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