East-West Highway Update 12-12-11

Update 12-12-11: This letter is the link between Vigue / Cianbro, Mobilize Eastern Maine / Eastern Maine Development Corporation / the Action Committee of 50, and LR2358…!  

Brief summary: Cianbro doesn’t have the money for the feasibility study, and as part of this business group, wrote a letter to Legislators asking for an emergency bill (LR2358) to support funding.  Senator Thomas had sponsored a bill to approve funding earlier that was voted down 2-8. This letter from EMDC was an appeal to reconsider.  Thomas then sponsored the emergency bill and it passed 10-0.  

Although Thomas is still encouraging all private funding of the project, LePage said that there may be money in the Maine Turnpike Authority Fund.  To take taxpayer money at the same time as proposing huge cuts to social programming seems absurd.  Chris

Letter to Legislators: http://www.emdc.org/document_upload/EastWestHighway2011.pdf

see our East-West Highway page under “Get Involved” for all the info:  http://defendingwater.net/maine/east-west-highway/

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