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LTE by Tod Cheney, Maine at a Crossroads

Posted Feb. 27, 2015 | Bangor Daily News 

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Maine at crossroads

I agree with Doug Thomas ( BDN column, Feb. 19) about one thing — a new Maine economy is going to have to come from Maine people. However, many ideas for development expressed in the pages of this paper of late, positioning Maine to take advantage of extractive industries in the North, building an east-west highway, are patently bad ideas. It’s simply immoral and irresponsible behavior to continue economic activities that not only defer true costs to the future but result in ecocide and genocide.

Here are two simple ideas to get Maine going on the right track. First, build out high-speed Internet connectivity throughout the state. Instead of throwing billions away on a highway to serve Canada, build an Internet infrastructure that all Mainers can benefit from.

Second, Maine people need to take control of our energy supply. Burlington, Vermont, has achieved energy independence using solar panels, and we can, too. This is not an idea that’s too expensive, or something to think about for the future. What’s too expensive is what we are doing now, sending our energy dollars away and paying fossil fuel industries to ruin the environment.

The Maine economy is at a crossroads. The old ways are gone. We can be bold and go for green economic growth, or we can fall back on old chestnuts such as an east-west highway, an effort that would set us back relative to the way the rest of the world is moving forward. The only thing in the way is ourselves.

Tod Cheney 

Blue Hill

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