Maine’s Bottled Water Industry Taps into $11.8 Billion Dollar Trend.

Mainebiz – Monday, January 27, 2014

Sales of bottled water are on track to top those of carbonated soft drinks by 2020, driven by health-conscious, on-the-go consumers. That thirst for water has cascaded throughout the country over the past two decades. Maine alone has 18 bottled water plants. Perrier bought Poland Spring in 1980 when the Maine-based operation was almost bankrupt, and then Nestlé purchased Perrier in 1992. Nestlé sells Poland Spring, Perrier, S. Pellegrino, Pure Life and Arrowhead among its dozens of worldwide water brands.

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Simulated Google Earth Fly-Overs of best guess route, and more

This is the link to Eric Tuttle’s YouTube page where he has posted fly-overs of his best-guess of the Corridor route, as well as raw video that he has taken from events.

Eastern best guesses 1-30-13

eastern route options 1-30-13

Hot pink is Washington county line
Yellow is Sunrise area, a group of many small segments of preserves etc
Red is the Power line ROW edges to Canada
The Greens are preserves provided by standard Google Earth, however more are displayed with the Maine overlays from the website
light pink is Passamaquaddy lands
the blue is Penobscot lands
both as per newest atlas
Light blue is the Machias Watershed main tributaries
cream colored is the Farm trust land
These are better separated with the State overlay. Not part of this snapshot.
Dark purple is a conceptual route south of the Moosehorn preserve (near ground level view)
The lighter purple below it is a more northern conceptual route
The eastern pink is a route from Eastport up to these two conceptual routes for a connection
The lime green is conceptual routes based on the Perry statement of which the most northern only allows about 1200 feet directly though Pembroke, the two southern are Cainbro dream routes of more bridges.