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Maine’s Bottled Water Industry Taps into $11.8 Billion Dollar Trend.

Mainebiz – Monday, January 27, 2014

Sales of bottled water are on track to top those of carbonated soft drinks by 2020, driven by health-conscious, on-the-go consumers. That thirst for water has cascaded throughout the country over the past two decades. Maine alone has 18 bottled water plants. Perrier bought Poland Spring in 1980 when the Maine-based operation was almost bankrupt, and then Nestlé purchased Perrier in 1992. Nestlé sells Poland Spring, Perrier, S. Pellegrino, Pure Life and Arrowhead among […]

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Link to multiple Atlantic Salmon Maps

Atlantic Salmon Critical Habitat Map


Simulated Google Earth Fly-Overs of best guess route, and more

This is the link to Eric Tuttle’s YouTube page where he has posted fly-overs of his best-guess of the Corridor route, as well as raw video that he has taken from events.

Cianbro’s East-West Map

From Peter Vigue’s Presentation November 10, 2011. Click on this map, then on the map again on the newly loaded page to see it in detail. The entire power point is here: http://www.emdc.org/document_upload/CIANBRO%20Presentation.pdf

Cianbro’s East West Corridor Presentation June 2012

3 Full State East-West Routes by County, updated May 31

Quebec and New Brunswick Fracking Leases around East-West Highway