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Reports related to the East-West Supercorridor:

Ongoing. East-West Corridor Public Supporters List.  Feel free to contact these businesses, associations, and individuals to express your concerns.  Or, boycott them.

March, 2013. Facts that you’re not being told about the East-West Corridor derived from free public documents

November/December 2012. Highway Robbery: Public-Private Infrastructure Partnerships by Darwin Bondgraham for Dollars & Sense Magazine

October, 2012.  Following the huge drug bust of Malcolm French’s land in Township 37, Keep It Grand, an organization committed to protecting East Grand Lake, published this press release about the connection between Malcolm French and Cianbro.

October, 2012. Portland Press Herald Maine lobbyist database  or Lobbyist Compensation Report from  Cianbro spent almost $12K in 2012 and $19.5K in 2011.

June 2012. Cianbro’s East West Corridor Presentation (other presentations below)

June, 2012. EMDC Searsport to Bangor Logistics Corridor Project

May, 2012. At What Cost?: A Study of the American Highway System and the Maine East-West Highway Proposal by Brian Philbrook for his undergraduate thesis

April, 2012. Valuing Maine’s Natural Capital by Austin Troy, PhD.

April, 2012.  Email from Ontario Ministry of Transportation to MDOT re: Analysis of Daily Truck Trips using Maine Roads to Access Canadian Markets

March, 2012.  MDOT’s Request for Proposals

Spring, 2012. Peter Vigue’s newer Powerpoint Presentation

November, 2011. Peter Vigue’s Powerpoint Presentation 

Spring, 2009.  Private Roads, Public Costs.  The Facts about Toll Road Privatization and How to Protect the Public.

2009-2011.  New Brunswick DOT Traffic Counters Map

August, 2009. Northeast CanAm Connections: Integrating the Economy and Transportation 

September, 2008.  Cianbro – East-West Highway Conceptual Feasibility Study Calais to Coburn Gore

December, 2007.  Cianbro & Berger’s plan for tollroad. The Berger Group built secured utility corridors for the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They help support the Maine transportation lobbying group MBTA that pushed for the 2010 ‘Public Private Partnership’ legislation.

June, 2007.  Report on the Impact of NAFTA, and the future of our biogregion under Free Trade

2007. Modern Mining Needs a Modern Mining Law. 

2007. Beginning with Habitat.  Conserving Wildlife On and Around Maine’s Roads.  A report by Barbara Charry of the Maine Audobon, with support from MDOT.

2006.  Ontario Ministry of Transportation Commercial Vehicle Survey

2006. Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Maps on Truck Trips in Maine

October, 1999.  An Achievable Vision: Seven Steps to Implementing better East-West Transportation in Maine by Governor Angus King

September, 1999.  A Summary of the Findings of Studies Regarding a Maine East-West Highway, prepared by MDOT and Maine State Planning Office

August, 1999. East-West Highway Report by Pamela Prodan of Forest Ecology Network

1999, and more. Very valuable! Link to 1999 East-West Studies, emails, all older reports being considered by MDOT and Feasibility Study contractor

To download these reports, access through MDOT via FileZilla.  Instructions for downloading FileZilla and accessing these  reports are outlined in the MDOT’s Request for Proposals, above.  However, in case they’re removed, here are basic instructions.   You may also email me and I can send you the files: chris(at)defendingwater(dot)net

January, 1997.  Audobon Society’s Conservation Program Plan, including maps of protected areas.

Threats to our Communities and our Water: SPP, Supercorridors, NAFTA

USDA report on Ecological Impacts of Transportation Corridors

Multiple reports from North Carolina State University’s Center for Transportation and the Environment

Corridor Watch. Challenging the wisdom of the Trans-Texas Corridor (includes report on downside of PPPs)

Lessons from the Trans-Texas Corridor.  Private tollroads cost taxpayers more money.

Spectra Energy Watch. Informational video on Eminent Domain and landowner experiences with Spectra.

Great background summary corporate assault on Maine’s environment: Wind, Water, Waste, Wood: The fight against the corporate colonization of Maine’s North Woods

Tar Sands information. Canada’s oil sands.  Responsible development, innovation, and opportunity.  Email Chris for this: chris(at)defendingwater(dot)net due to technical difficulties.

History of the Airline Road.

Legal Documents

March 28, 2013: A New Civil Rights Movement: Liberating Our Communities from Corporate Control A Pennsylvania Judge Holds That Corporations Are Not “Persons” Under the Pennsylvania Constitution

Maine: Talking Points for Town Meeting on Rights-Based-Ordinances

What the Rights-Based-Ordinance Does

Maine Sensible Transportation Policy Act and resource page

Maine Sensible Transportation Polcy Act MDOT handbook

Maritimes Northeast Pipeline LLC v. ECHO Easement Corridor LLC May 07, 2010 regarding the 2000′ Right of Way on the Stud Mill Road


The Piscataquis Village Project A proposal to create a compact Village of 125 acres, on a site totaling 500 acres, in southern Piscataquis County, Maine.

Model & Tools for Taking Action in your Community

Railroads?  Technically an alternative, but we don’t advocate for them because they are still a tool of corporate power over people and nature, i.e.: Oil Industry Investing in Rail Depots: An Alternative to Keystone

OneMaine OneTable discussion on Downtown Revitalization.

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