STEWC Governance & Structure

Stop the East-West Corridor finalized this governance and structure agreement in Newport on January 3, 2013:

STEWC Governance and Structure

1) Governance of the Coalition at large:

a)”Our Guiding Principal” is our commitment to the Vision, Mission Statement, and Goals.


Vision: The future looks bright! Pipelines and highways are nowhere in sight! Stop the East-West Corridor is succeeding in our motto: No Corridor, No Compromise!


Mission Statement: Stop the East-West Corridor is a statewide coalition of Maine citizens and organizations dedicated to raising awareness, fostering open communication, and requesting transparency about the proposed East-West Corridor. Our mission is to stop the East-West Corridor by demonstrating that the project is not in the interest of Maine and that Maine citizen stakeholders do not want it.


Coalition Goals:

-Educating the public

-Building a broad movement

-Discouraging potential investors

-Influencing legislators

-Attracting media locally, nationally, and globally

-Advocating for the public by demanding accountability and transparency of our public officials, MDOT, Peter Vigue and Cianbro, contractors, investors



b) We will work cooperatively with mutual respect and honesty


c) Our motto is No Corridor, No Compromise!


2) Organization of the Coalition

Our Work is organized around the following working groups:

-legislative and legal

-print and media

-general outreach


-special events


Members should organize around these groups to accomplish goals set by each group and agreed to by general membership vote to proceed [under STEWC’s name].


3) General Meetings


a) The administrative group should run meetings and be responsible for reserving space of meetings, taking notes, facilitating, and running the list serve.


b) At every meeting, each working group should have time to present ideas, share the status of their work and collect new ideas and volunteers


c) Each meeting should include open general discussion time to allow new ideas to flow and grow the coalition with new members.


STEWC Meeting Agenda

  • Introductions / Assign meeting roles
  • Announcements (upcoming events, meetings, etc. NOT work updates)
  • Working Group Time (updates, discussion, etc. by general topic (1 hour))

Legislative & Legal

Print & Media

General Outreach


Schedule next meeting date, time, place

Special Events

  • General Discussion (info to new people, everything else (1 hour))


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