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Poll: Water Quality Top Environmental Concern Of NW Residents


Poll: Water Quality Top Environmental Concern Of NW Residents

OPB | December 7, 2011 | Portland, OR

Residents of the Northwest consider water quality their top environmental concern, according to a new survey released today by EarthFix.

Results of the survey suggest residents of the region may want to focus more on their own role in polluting major waterways if they want them to be more pristine.

David Hibbitts & Midghall (DHM Research) of Portland conducted a survey of 1,200 people in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Among the questions they posed was this open-ended one: What environmental issue concerns you the most? John Horvick, a senior associate with DHM Research, says the answer for most Northwesterners was clear:

“They mentioned water quality more than anything else and when we gave them a list to choose they still rated water quality as their top concern,” he said.

People in the survey who pointed to water quality as a top priority cited concerns about purity of water and access to clean water for drinking and recreation, according to DHM Research. Washington respondents were most concerned about water quality, with 27 percent naming it their top priority, compared to 19 percent among Oregon participants and 22 percent from Idaho.

The survey, conducted from Nov. 14-19, also asked people in the Northwest what they consider the major sources of pollution in their states’ major waterways — Washington’s Puget Sound, Idaho’s Boise River, and Oregon’s Willamette River. Forty-eight percent said it was very likely to come from industrial and commercial sites. That’s nearly twice as many people as the 27 percent who said it was very likely to come from residential site.


Read More:  http://news.opb.org/article/poll-water-quality-top-environmental-concern-nw-residents/?google_editors_picks=true

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