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Efficiency Improvements Neede to Stretch Oregon’s Limited Water Resources, According to New Report

Oregon Environmental Council press release

Feb 02, 2012

Portland, OR—A new report, Making Water Work, says that improving water efficiency in agriculture will be critical for maximizing Oregon’s increasingly limited water supply. Basins such as Deschutes, Klamath and Umatilla have fully appropriated their water resources, restricting business opportunities and resulting in periodic shortages for Oregonians in these regions.

Making Water Work from Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) is the result of conversations with farmers and ranchers—a sector that uses 79% of Oregon’s water withdrawals—as well as irrigation experts to formulate effective water solutions. The report’s recommendations come at a critical time, as the state is expected to adopt its first-ever long-term water plan this year, the Integrated Water Resources Strategy.

“Agriculture plays a crucial economic role here in Oregon, and farmers, ranchers and water providers can improve their bottom line while benefiting stream flows by using water more efficiently,” said Teresa Huntsinger, program director for clean and plentiful water at OEC, and author of Making Water Work. “Investing in efficiency will help maximize Oregon’s precious water supply in the face of population growth and climate change.”

Read more:  http://www.oeconline.org/resources/media-room/press-releases/efficiency-improvements-needed-to-stretch-oregon2019s-limited-water-resources-according-to-new-report-1

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