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Hillsboro joins national competition for water conservation

April 1, 2017  Written by Geoff Pursinger
Hillsboro community members can pledge online to be ‘water-wise’ by conserving water for the chance to win a Toyota Prius.
The Hillsboro City Council is asking residents to conserve water this month, as part of a national contest.

Hillsboro leaders have their sights set on winning the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. The friendly competition asks leaders across the country to inspire their communities to conserve water, when possible.

“On behalf of the Hillsboro City Council, we urge our fellow community members to take the challenge this April and every day, so that we can maintain our quality of life for future generations,” Mayor Steve Callaway said in a written statement. “Clean, reliable water is arguably the most important component to our quality of life in Hillsboro, and is a core foundation of our community.”

To participate in the challenge, residents make an online pledge to be water-efficient by visiting mywaterpledge.com starting April 1.

There, residents can take a four-step water conservation pledge on behalf of the city and see the city’s current standings.

Cities with the highest percentage of pledges are entered into drawings for hundreds of eco-friendly prizes, according to the city, including home improvement gift cards, home irrigation equipment, and a Toyota Prius.

“As Hillsboro continues to grow at one of the highest rates in Oregon, it is ever more important for us to take steps to conserve this precious resource,” Callaway said. “The Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation supports our long-term vision and sustainability goals.”

To learn more about the water conservation challenge, visit Hillsboro-Oregon.gov/WaterPledge.

Source: http://www.pamplinmedia.com/ht/117-hillsboro-tribune-news/352113-231846-hillsboro-joins-national-competition-for-water-conservation-

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