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Water is the main issue for Representative Bentz

October 31, 2017


ONTARIO, Oregon – Oregon Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-Ontario) wants to be selected to take over retiring Sen. Ted Ferrioli’s (R-John Day) seat in the Senate. He feels he could be more effective for rural Oregon in that role, but plans to run for reelection for his current seat in the 60thDistrict if he’s not selected to fill Ferrioli’s remaining term.

Wherever he sits, Bentz says the biggest issue facing Oregon is water.

“Our water situation remains incredibly challenging and there are a lot of people that are trying to grab our water,” he said. “We need to eternally vigilant if we’re going to protect our way of life when it comes to our water rights.”

He says that issue has always been in first place on his list.

“My main priority has always been water and making sure that our water rights in Eastern Oregon have been protected and making sure that in this era of drought we focus on our groundwater systems,” he said.

Those aren’t the only key issues that concern the Republican from Ontario. He said he also wants to work on spending, revenue and Public Employees Retirement System reforms that the Oregon Legislature needs to tackle.

Source: http://www.mycolumbiabasin.com/2017/10/31/water-is-the-main-issue-for-bentz/

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