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Underground river: Pipeline to bring water to westside

Jim Redden  and John William Howard

November 2, 2017

Westside suburbs are mounting a $1.2 billion project to take drinking water from the Willamette River, with a Portland company playing a major supporting role.

Northwest Pipe Co. has so far provided all of the pipe for the Willamette Water Supply Program, one of the largest public infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the region.

When it is completed, the project will draw water from the Willamette River in Wilsonville and provide it to communities in Washington County through more than 30 miles of pipe, a water treatment system, two reservoirs and numerous pumping stations.

Northwest Pipe, located in the Burgard Industrial Park in far North Portland, has won all three contracts awarded for the pipe so far. It is on track to produce 19,500 feet of pipe for the first three stages of the project. The sections ranges from 48 to 66 inches in diameter, and from 48 to 60 feet long.


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