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Anacortes American, Sept. 28, 2011-Tethys Jobs & Wages

Tethys Jobs and Wages

I question the assertion that the proposed Tethys bottling plant will employ 500 workers with an average wage of $48,000 and fringe benefits of 30 percent. These figures are substantially reduced from Tethys original estimate from a year ago of 1000 jobs with an average salary of $59,000. The Food and Water Watch organization stated that in 2006 there were 628 bottling plants in America that employed fewer than 15,000 […]

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Plastic Beaches

Skagit Valley Herald

Jan. 12, 2011

The city of Anacortes and Tethys Enterprises signed a 30-year contract with two five-year renewal options to build a water-intensive industrial site that will swallow up to 5 million gallons of Skagit River water per day. Tethys will contract with outside companies to manufacture food and bottled water, sodas, teas and juices on a minimal 30-acre site in a 1 million square-foot building. Environmental questions remain unanswered, including plastic nurdles formed to contain food […]

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The Right Economic Development

Anacortes American

Sept. 28, 2011

Anacortes’ municipal water supply will be needed to address much of Skagit County’s predicted population growth of 100,000 by 2060. Tethys Enterprises’ consumption of five million gallons of water per day for a bottled water/beverage plant equals the same amount of water per day as 41,000 people at current rates of water consumption in our area.

Not only is the Skagit River our potable water source, it is a hydroelectric […]

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