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E/W Alert! Canada to send Tar Sands Oil East, all articles here!

Plus this update: LePage’s private dealings with TarSand companies

Defending Water for Life in Maine and Stop the East-West Corridor members have anticipated exposure of the link between tar-sands oil and the East-West Corridor due to pressure to get the oil from Alberta to east coast ports.

While other environmental groups are focused on opposing the reversal of the Portland-Montreal Enbridge pipeline to transport tar sands from Montreal to Portland, we believe the East-West Corridor is a very viable option […]

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East-West through Dover-Foxcroft

Regional Map: The Forks to Coburn Gore

Regional map: Costigan to Dover-Foxcroft

Regional map: Guilford to the Forks

Quebec and New Brunswick Fracking Leases around East-West Highway

Stop the East-West Corridor Upcoming Events & Trainings

updated January 11, 2013

January 18 ~ Cianbro information meetings in Eastport at 2:45 and Calais at 5:30. FMI. Registration is required. We do not believe a representative from Cianbro will actually be available to answer questions.

January 23rd or 24th ~ 5:30pm, STEWC Coalition Meeting. Final date and location TBA soon!

East-West Highway Update 12-16-11

Update 12-16-11: A nonprofit transportation research group out of Washington D.C., TRIP, released a statement identifying “Maine’s 50 most needed transportation projects for economic growth.” #3 was the construction of a new east-west highway. TRIP is sponsored by “construction businesses, insurance companies, equipment makers, labor unions and other transportation-related organizations.” We believe TRIP’s role is to encourage private funding of the study, since funding from Maine taxpayers would be highly controversial, as we face severe cuts on social services. Chris […]

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East-West Highway Update 12-12-11

Update 12-12-11: This letter is the link between Vigue / Cianbro, Mobilize Eastern Maine / Eastern Maine Development Corporation / the Action Committee of 50, and LR2358…!

Brief summary: Cianbro doesn’t have the money for the feasibility study, and as part of this business group, wrote a letter to Legislators asking for an emergency bill (LR2358) to support funding. Senator Thomas had sponsored a bill to approve funding earlier that was voted down 2-8. This letter from EMDC was […]

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DW Newsletter #2, December 2011

Defending Water for Life in Maine

Water for Life, Not for Profit!

December 2011 Issue #2

Greetings Water Allies. We have spent the last few months traveling around Maine talking about the problems with corporations taking control of our water and encouraging everyone to take a stand and demand local control in their communities.

We’ve also been keeping our eyes and ears open for new threats from Nestlé and others intent on selling Maine’s […]

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