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Nestlé Looking at Water, Enumclaw

May 28, 2008


Company wants to bottle city resource, operate a plant here.

By Kevin Hanson

for The Enumclaw Courier Herald

ENUMCLAW, Washington (STPNS) — The huge Nestlé Corporation would like to tap into Enumclaw’s pristine water supply, pull millions of gallons of the cool liquid from a natural spring each week […]

Vermont Deals a Blow to the Bottled Water Industry

By Tom A. Peter, Christian Science Monitor Posted on April 29, 2008, Printed on May 19, 2008

MONTPELIER (VT) — State legislature establishes water-permit requirement for bottlers.


Anti-water Privatization Activist Murdered

Hector Antonio Ventura, one of the 14 people originally captured during an anti-water privatization protest in the town of Suchitoto, El Salvador last year, was assassinated on May 3 in his home.


Nestlé Forces Town (and private citizens group) to Pay Exorbitant Legal Fees

Nestlé's filings against the town of Fryeburg