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“Take Back The Tap” Launches Portland Campaign

By Caroline Cornish, Web Editor, WCSH TV6


PORTLAND (ME) – The battle over bottled water has now moved to Maine’s largest city, where some restaurants have signed onto an effort called “Take Back The Tap.”

A handful of Portland restaurants, including the North Star Cafe, have signed a pledge saying they will no longer serve bottled water.

The idea is to reduce waste made by the bottles, to improve the environment, which is impacted when the bottles are transported by diesel-emitting trucks, and to encourage more people to drink tap water.

Organizers behind the effort said the more tap water people drink, the more they will make funding public water supplies a priority. They accuse bottled water companies of perpetuating a myth that tap water isn’t safe to drink.

A spokesperson for Poland Spring disputes that, saying the company encourages people to drink any water as an alternative to soda, regardless of whether that water comes from a tap or a bottle.

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