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“We don’t dare let a few control our water”

Kennebec Journal, letter to the Editor

Noel Gallagher reported in the Aug. 21 (page A1) edition of the newspaper [Kennebec Journal] that southern Maine opposes Poland Spring extracting Maine’s fresh water.

In the article, Poland Spring spokesman, Mark Dubois, states the water that passes through Maine ends up in the ocean and Mainers are not being robbed of clean water. If that is so, why doesn’t Poland Spring just go to the ocean to get that water? Until that water reaches the Atlantic, it belongs to the people of Maine.

Later in the article, Dubois also says protesters are more concerned about big business than the environment. Perhaps he’s right there. Look where just a few people controlling our oil resources has gotten us. Shall we let those same types of people now control our water? That’s exactly what privatization will do.

Poland Spring obviously gave Dubois the position of natural resource director because he was one of the sharper tools in the shed. So, how is it that Dubois fails to see the connection between the exploitation of our natural resources and the breakdown of our environment? Or does he see that connection and, for reasons of greed, choose to ignore it?

Peter P. Sirois,
Madison, ME

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