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Slumping bottled water market results in layoffs

Nestle’s biggest lever with rural communities has always been the promise of jobs, yet what happens to those jobs when the market slows, yet the demand for profits doesn’t?

Nestle Lays Off 78% of Calistoga Workforce

What happens when rural jobs meet Nestle’s demands for bottom-line performance? Now we know.

The SF Chronicle spells it out: “Production will be shifted to plants in Southern California, where bottling is cheaper than in Calistoga, a city located at the northern end of Napa Valley.”

It was bad news for Nestle all over California after Protect Your Waters coalition members Debra Anderson and Curtis Knight were interviewed in McCloud’s local paper, offering a persuasive counter to Dave Palais’ misinformation campaign.

Meanwhile, PepsiCo is laying off 3,300 worldwide – mostly due to slumping beverage sales (especially bottled water).

Now, bottled water executives in the UK (including Nestle execs) cited Elizabeth Royte’s well-researched Bottlemania book as something to be feared – and are looking for new ways to battle advocates for tap

With the economy not expected to recover anytime soon and pressure from environmentalists growing, will the bottled water market start to contract?

Despite Market, Nestle Still Looking for New Water Sources

Despite a down market, Nestle’s looking for new water sources – probably hoping to cut transportation costs and looking to cement water sources for long-term use.

They’re drilling test wells in upstate New York, and we heard from someone in Chaffee County, CO trying to mount opposition to Nestle’s plans to extract water and truck it to Denver (with no economic benefit to the rural area).

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