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Urgent Appeal to cover Legal Costs in Maine

Western Maine Residents for Rural Living have incurred $60,000 of fair, result-based legal fees. Western Maine Residents have raised and paid $39,000 of these fees to date. We need help raising the additional funds of $21,000 to see this fight to the final court.

At each and every board or court appearance (click for Timeline), Western Maine Residents for Rural Living has countered Nestlé’s legal army with reply briefs. We are forced by Nestlé to engage them in this arena which by both its complexities, costs and time would be overwhelming for most. We have stood our ground and have stayed the course. We have been fortunate to have one of the best law firms in Maine representing us, Verrill Dana PLLC and its partner Atty. Scott Anderson. Forty months of litigation and no permit issued.

Western Maine Residents for Rural Living have done much more than just fight a local land use issue. Their persistence has brought attention to a nationwide battle with Nestlé. Momentum, resolve, persistence and commitment–whatever you call it–Fryeburg has demonstrated it can be done.

We need 50 people to commit to raising $430 each for our legal bills. If one person from each of the many groups and communities would take a lead position by recruiting seven or eight people to make calls to friends, parents, relatives and the people they know. Call and follow up on getting the checks within the next two days and mail them to the address below. It can be done and we need it to be done to finish this David and Goliath battle.

Checks should be made payable to: “Verrill Dana, PLLC”
Please note in the memo: “WMRRL”

Mail to:

T.Scott Gamwell
30 Hemlock Bridge Road
Fryeburg, Maine 04037

Thank you. Contacts: (207) 935-3811 and librarianef@hotmail.com (Emily Fletcher, Fryeburg).

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