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Wells Residents Approve 180-day Moratorium on All Water Extraction

Another Water Victory in Maine!

WHO: People of Wells

WHEN: Yesterday, November 4, 2008

WHERE: Wells, Maine

WHAT: Voted in favor of a 180 day moratorium on all water extraction activities

In conjunction with the most historic election in a lifetime, the people of Wells unified in an overwhelming vote in favor of a 180 day moratorium on all water extraction activities.

The moratorium creates the opportunity for residents to the develop the terms of an municipal ordiance that will protect their water and surrounding environment from large-scale corporate water mining projects.

Since last June, residents in Wells and the neighboring towns of Ogunquit, Kennebunk, and Kennebunkport have been at the forefront of a prosposed large-scale water extraction project. The project, initiated by Nestlé Waters North America, was almost agreed upon by the area’s public water utility and the Swiss multi-national corporation.

Outraged by a lack of transparency and public input, residents organized themselves to oppose the project, which eventually was canceled in July. Working under the name Save Our Water (SOH2O), residents have organized many local events to educate their community about the social, political and ecological implications of large-scale water extraction. They also have worked diligently to pass a moratorium in the town of Wells, where the proposed extraction would take place.

“The people of Wells have practiced their civic responsibility. The unprecedented turnout at polls yesterday is a clear indication that the residents of this great town must be at the center of all discussions regarding the future of their water, ” says Emily Posner organizer for Defending Water for Life in Maine. “The Defending Water for Life Campaign salutes Wells residents and SOH2O for their efforts to protect their water!”

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