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Nestlé Pulls Out of Orting

By Mark Bethune

Jan. 28, 2009

Nestlé Waters North America (Nestlé) initiated discussions with the City of Orting in spring 2008 as a part of the company’s efforts to develop a new spring water bottling facility in the Pacific Northwest. Nestlé was looking to build and operate a facility in the Pacific Northwest to meet […]

New fronts in water extraction battles

By David Harry, Sanford-Springvale Register 1/22/2009

Although temperatures have rarely been warm enough to thaw it, water remains a hot topic in the New Year in York County. Specifically, questions on how to regulate commercial water extraction are the basis of a bill submitted by freshman legislator Ed Legg (D-Kennebunk), and the subject of a […]

Dispute in Fryeburg reaches Maine Supreme Court

By Trevor Maxwell, Portland Press Herald, January 14, 2009

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Four years after Poland Spring applied to build a water pumping station in Fryeburg, Maine’s highest court on Tuesday heard arguments from the water bottling giant and opponents who have prevented the project from moving forward.


Ordinance Petition IS constitutional (letter to ed.)

Letter to Editor – Sanford-Springvale Register Ward Peck, Editor, Editor@intheregister.com

Citizens of Shapleigh, Newfield, Waterboro, Alfred, Sanford, Springvale, Acton, and all surrounding communities. Believe it or not – we are all in this together, now and/or into the near future.

When we first looked into large scale water extraction and ordinances against such, we found […]

PET bottles may exceed acceptable carcinogenic risk levels

Abstract of Meeting Paper – Society for Risk Analysis 2001 Annual Meeting D. Lilya, University of Idaho Environmental Engineering Program This study identified and quantified migration compounds from reused PET bottles and evaluated both non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic risks. A preliminary survey of the university community found that 88% of the participants reused polyethylene terephthalate (PET) […]

Town lawyer: Petitioners’ water ordinance illegal

By Ann Fisher, Reporter – The Reporter

SHAPLEIGH, ME (Jan 1): A proposed ordinance that would stop Poland Spring or any corporation from extracting water in Shapleigh should not be included on the town meeting warrant in March because portions are unconstitutional, according to the town attorney.


Ecologists Warn the Planet Is Running Short of Water

by Leo Lewis, London Times

A swelling global population, changing diets and mankind’s expanding “water footprint” could be bringing an end to the era of cheap water.


Stick to the Tap! (letter to ed.)

Tap water is generally just as pure and tasty as anything that comes out of a bottle. Bottled water is no bargain. It costs 240 to 10,000 times more than tap water, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, February 28, 2007, entitled “The Real Cost of Bottled Water.”


Water Issues (letter to ed.)

Two recent articles in your newspaper highlight the attempts of a dedicated group of citizens to prevent the extraction of water by Poland Springs from Shapleigh.